Even though BMW M built quite a few interesting one-off concepts over the years, what you’re about to see was never part of their experimental process. BMW M is known for playing around with different concepts. A few years back, the company revealed some of its never-before seen contraptions, and took the world by surprise. While all of them were interesting, one body style combo you couldn’t find there was a BMW E46 M3 in pickup guise.

There was one E30 M3 model turned pickup in that line-up, but not an E46 M3. In the past, we saw a Touring model on that platform which still haunts my dreams.

But getting back to the video at hand here, what you’re going to spot during this Nurburgring Touristenfahrten day is a unique BMW E46 M3 Ute. As we already mentioned, BMW has never done such a project so this must be an aftermarket conversion.

From what we can make out, the bed is quite big and there’s a sheet of metal forming a sort of firewall in the back of the cabin. Judging by how he’s driving the car, there’s a bit of an issue with traction, especially given the rainy weather. In the end, even a normal M3 would have issues in those conditions, let alone one that has almost no weight over the rear axle. It would be very interesting to see how this came to be and what needed to be done to get it finished.

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As for a BMW pickup, the Germans are known to have fiddled with the idea a number of times. Apart from the aforementioned E30 M3, they also did an E92 M3 pickup some 8 years ago, as a prank on April’s Fools Day. Most recently they also created a BMW X7 pickup but just as a concept.

So it makes you wonder whether we’ll ever get to see such BMW pickup enter production, as it’s pretty obvious some thought was given to this prospect in Munich.