The performance wagon is a rare breed, here in the ‘States. Sure, we’ve gotten a few over the years but nothing like Europe has and that makes us very jealous. Over the years, Europe has had an incredible amount of absurdly desirable fast wagons from BMW, and its quirky offshoot ALPINA, wagons that we never got. However, the good folks over a Enthusiast Auto Group actually have a few of classic BMW and ALPINA wagons that they’re nice enough to show off in this new video.

There are three cars featured in this video, albeit only briefly. However, each car will get its own video moving forward, so stay tuned.

First up is an E30-generation BMW 325iT, which was a Japanese import. EAG bought it and set about giving it their usual restoration/upgrade treatment but never sold it. Instead, they couldn’t part with it because it was too cool, so they kept it around. Now that they’ve had their fun with it, though, it’s going to go up for sale.

Next up is the most special car in the group because it’s a ALPINA B10 4.6L Touring. It was a German import based on the E34 BMW 5 Series and sports a 4.6 liter V8 and a six-speed manual gearbox. Not only is it an ALPINA wagon but it’s one with a naturally-aspirated V8, a manual and rear-wheel drive. Does life get any better? Really, I’m asking?

Lastly, there’s an E39 BMW 540i Touring that’s been Dinan tuned and it’s a properly gorgeous machine. It’s almost like an E39 BMW M5 Touring, if such a thing ever existed. That’s because it sports M5-levels of power and performance, along with some M5 wheels, but just in a wagon body style.

All of these cars are incredible and they’re the sorts of cars that you’ll only find for sale at EAG. So take a look and revel in BMW Wagon Heaven.