Straight from the land of peculiar projects, I’m bringing you yet another example of human ingenuity. This is a modified BMW E39 530d which has somehow morphed into a pickup truck and is now available for purchase. Yes, you read that right. Just in case you ever dreamed of a pickup or ute version of what is regarded by many as the best 5 Series model ever made, this is your chance to live that dream!

All jokes aside, this is one interesting project. The car reminds me of the Holden Ute sold a while back in Australia and I think it’s mainly because of that rear window. Other than that, the front end, up to the B-pillar, is classic E39 and it looks absolutely stunning. The bed seems to have been made to last and this could actually be a useful car in certain parts of the world.

Even if the buyer won’t use it to carry stuff around, this is one very interesting project and it’s on sale. According to the ad, it took about 4 years to get it done and the car it was based on was a BMW E39 530d Touring. That means you get a sturdy 3-liter straight six diesel engine under the hood with 184 HP and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque along with rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox.

If you’re interested, you should keep in mind that this car is located in Russia. That might not be a big issue normally but with the current lockdown in effect, getting it might be tricky. It’s also listed for $32,000 which isn’t exactly cheap. It’s not too expensive either but it will require a true passion for both pickups and BMWs to get that kind of money. Anyone interested?