We’re living through a historic time and not in a good way. The Coronavirus pandemic has put the entire world in a state of lockdown, keeping most people indoors and away from others. However, one of the small silver linings is that we’re all coming up with new and unique ways to connect with each other. In our latest video, our own Horatiu and Nate Rische had the chance to virtually talk to Ben Voss from the BMW Classics center and he took us through a garage filled with legendary cars.

The first thing Voss showed us in the video was a few cars on lifts, among them is an E39 BMW M5 which is pristine and lovely, as usual. However, the E39 M5 is pedestrian compared to everything else in the BMW Classics garage. Just next to it was a BMW Z8, one of the very most beautiful and exotic cars to ever wear a Roundel.


Digging further into the garage, we were able to see a couple of BMW 507s, the spiritual predecessor to the Z8 and possibly the rarest, most valuable BMW in history. There was at least one BMW M1, a BMW 700 (love those) and even some lovely pre-war cars. Who doesn’t love a pre-war BMW?

However, possibly the most impressive car there was a BMW 1600 GT Convertible, one of only two ever built. We’ve spoken about BMW’s history with the Glas brand before and the 1600 GT was one of the cars BMW absorbed when it acquired Glas. The body was developed by Frua, an Italian design firm who had a contract with Glas at the time of BMW’s acquisition, and it’s a stunning thing. It’s small and delicate, like no other BMW sports car before it. Just an absolutely lovely car.


Check this video out to see some of the most incredibly rare and legendary cars in the history of the BMW brand. We also want to thank Ben Voss for doing this for us and taking the time to walk us through the BMW Classics garage.