The BMW Z8 is definitely a cult classic. This is truly a rare car, not just because of its limited production run but also because BMW never did anything like it afterwards. The Z8 is, and will forever be, a collector’s car, so when one pops up online for grabs, it is our duty to tell you all about it. That’s especially true since this particular car is wearing the same color the Z8 we drove in the Alps last year.

The color is called Topaz Blue Metallic and it is simply stunning to check out. The interior of this Z8 is beige and I think it creates a rather nice contrast, with the dash, steering wheel-center and door pockets being painted in the same color as the exterior of the car. Since there are only 13,000 miles on the clock, everything looks brand new, as if it just came from factory and it’s hard to fault this car for… anything, to be honest.

Only 2,543 Z8s were imported into the US back when the car was on sale and only 5,703 were made in total so you know you’re looking at a rare bird here. Considering the mileage on the odometer, the S62 4.9-liter V8 under the hood should be trouble free and work like day 1. That’s one of the most reliable engines the M division ever signed off on and with almost 400 HP and a manual transmission, you’ll get plenty of kicks out of this Z8 in case you decide to buy it.

The Bring-A-Trailer auction is now at $130,000 which, to be fair, is not a lot, considering the prices these Z8 models go for these days. Sure, there’s still time for the price to go up and I reckon it will before it’s all said and done. All in all though, this is one mint Z8 that might actually go up in value in the future, when 5-liter V8s will be seen as relics of the past.