Quite a busy week in the “BMW leak world” because another image of the 2021 BMW 5 Series LCI has just come out. The image seems to be part of an official brochure which we’ve head that’s starting to arrive a dealerships around the world. It’s likely that these marketing brochures are used to attract customers to the new facelifted 5 Series, so they serve a good purpose.

The brochure initially popped up on GermanCarForum, then on Carscoops, before making its rounds on social media and other platforms. Just like the previous leaked 5 Series images, the refreshed business sedan looks the part – it’s bold, sleek and elegant.

This is arguably one of the best facelifts in recent memory, one that builds upon an already great platform and design language.

Up front, it has sensibly sized grilles, very pretty looking headlights and, at least in the case of the M Sport package, a more aggressive front fascia. It looks handsome, reserved but also still sporty enough to look like a proper BMW.

It’s also safe to say that these are the nicest headlights on any modern BMW. The actual shape of the light itself is very pretty, with a slight step up at the hood and fascia crease lines and a nicely sculpted outside corner. The lighting elements inside also look great, with their sharper, more rectangular design that still harkens back to BMW’s iconic dual circle design.

We’re not too far from the official unveil of the 2021 BMW 5 Series LCI, but we’re already extremely pleased with what we’ve seen.