To say that most of BMW’s recent designs have been controversial would be a gross understatement. After the Concept 4, and subsequent Concept i4, it seemed as if every new Bavarian design would featured some version of the brand’s new kidney grille design, which hasn’t been well received to say the least. However, some new leaked photos released this morning, showing off the upcoming 5 Series LCI and what a breath of fresh air it is.

These new leaked photos are legitimate, showing off what the actual facelifted 5er will look like and it look… really good, actually. Up front, it has sensibly sized grilles, very pretty looking headlights and, at least in the case of the M Sport package, a more aggressive front fascia. It looks handsome, reserved but also still sporty enough to look like a proper BMW.

Also, let’s talk about BMW’s new headlight design for the 5 Series. I think it’s safe to say that these are the nicest headlights on any modern BMW. The actual shape of the light itself is very pretty, with a slight step up at the hood and fascia crease lines and a nicely sculpted outside corner. The lighting elements inside also look great, with their sharper, more rectangular design that still harkens back to BMW’s iconic dual circle design.

If the design team was working hard to create the new face for the 5 Series LCI, which is seems as if they were, they seem to have designed the rear end on a lunch break. It’s barely different from the pre-LCI car, with only some changes to the lighting elements inside the taillight housings. “Hey Klaus, forget zee back, we’ll just change change zee bulbs a bit. Come have another Spaten.”

No matter, though, as it still has a nice butt and, to be honest, being a bit boring is actually a relief. With the 4 Series and M4 sort of punching us in the face with their design flamboyance, a bit of staid reservation is refreshing.

Just recently, I personally wrote a piece on how the G30 5 Series was still one of BMW’s best looking cars, even years after its initial release and that was before this LCI. Add in sleeker headlights, a sportier front fascia and some slightly revised taillights and the G30 is as good looking as ever and one of BMW’s best looking new cars.