Among all famous motoring journalists, Chris Harris is among the most respected and admired. His ability to flog cars better than any other journo, while also delivering clever and witty dialog, is deeply impressive. He’s also a pretty big fan of BMWs and owns several. In this new clip from Top Gear, they’ve put together a compilation of Harris driving and interacting with various different BMWs.

As per usual, it’s filled with clips of Harris flogging different Bimmers. For instance, the video features his comparison between a BMW M2 and his very own 1 Series M, a comparison that’s very much worth your time. There’s also another interesting comparison in the half-hour-long video, which pits the F10-generation BMW M5 Jahre against the Lexus GS-F, which is a very interesting comparison and one you didn’t see often, when those two cars were new.

My personal favorite part is when Harris takes a look through the BMW section of the now-famous “Youngtimer” car collection. Cars like the E38 ALPINA B12 6.0 and E28 ALPINA B7 really get me going and this video takes us up close and personal with those cars and other impressive Bavarian classics. For me, those”Youngtimer” cars are the sort that ignite my enthusiast’s imagination more than anything else and watching Harris walk through them and share his own passion and enthusiasm for them is really interesting.

BMW M2 Competition

He then has a go in the BMW M2 Competition, a car that most enthusiasts love but isn’t exactly perfect. So it’s interesting to hear his thoughts on it, especially as an owner of so many all-time great BMWs. It’s easy to either praise or criticize modern BMWs but Harris has more perspective than most enthusiasts because of his ability to go home and drive some of the very best cars BMW’s ever made.

So check this video out and watch some of the coolest modern BMWs get flogged by one of the best drivers in the business.