After Sunday’s leak, it was only a matter of time until the first digital renderings of the future G42 2 Series would appear on the interwebs. In the last two years, BMW, and other automakers, have experienced some significant leaks, including early reveals of future models that were still under development, like the X5 M/X6 M models and the M8 Coupe.

On April 26th, an otherwise calm day, nothing announced the storm that would break out as 2 shots of what appeared to be the upcoming 2 Series Coupe surfaced on the Internet. BMW has yet to acknowledge that it was indeed a 2 Series prototype, but all clues point to that.

Set to arrive next year, the new G42 2 Series will remain a pure-bred, rear-driven BMW coupe. The future 2-door compact is basically underpinned by the same CLAR platform used by the G2x 3/4 Series models. So yes, the 6-cylinder engines will proudly power the new 2 Series Coupe in the future as well.

The latest digital renderings from Kolesa can be considered the most accurate to date regarding the 2022 BMW 2 Series Coupe. Using the leaked photos as inspirations, the Russians managed to come up with an interesting proposition.

[Source: Behance]

Using the Misano Blue M2 CS from the official press pack as basis model, the digital artist added the distinctive features of the G42 2 Series. The headlights look inspired by the new 2 Series Gran Coupe (F44), yet they are slimmer and more streamlined on the future 2 Series Coupe, pointing towards the grille, but not connecting with the kidneys.

The mighty air intakes and M logo placed on the central air vent indicated the leaked model could be a high-end M Performance version, such as the expected M245i. What’s more, it looks that the G42 will not display the huge grille of the forthcoming 4 Series Coupe.

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Moreso, the next 2 Series Coupe generation will follow a more evolutionary, less revolutionary path, with wider, not taller kidneys that are also connected in-between. At the rear end, the new tail lights are penned in a way that harks back to the pre-LCI E90 3 Series.

Like in the case of the current F22/F23, the rear lamps of the G42 2 Series will certainly set the whole car apart from other BMW models. From what we already saw in the leaked images, which afterwards was translated into these latest digital renderings, the rear end styling of the 2 Series Coupe will certainly prove head-turning and bold.

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There’s little time left till first camouflaged G42 prototypes hit streets. As we approach the moment of the official premiere, more details on the upcoming BMW 2 Series Coupe will certainly be unraveled.

[Credits: Kolesa]