While the BMW G05 X5 has been around for quite some time now, getting rave reviews from a variety of outlets, the world is still waiting for the M version to come out. BMW usually takes about a year between the launch of a standard model and the launch of its M alternative, and that time is rapidly approaching. However, up until now we only got to see the new X5 M under heavy camo on the street and fully unveiled behind closed doors. But today, we might be getting an early look at the upcoming M SAV.

Instagram is currently buzzing with a photo which is claiming to show the upcoming BMW X5 M in Competition guise. In the image, we get to see a bright red X5 with a couple of changes done to it, which does make us think that this could be the M version. There’s a pic of the badge on the back of the car as well, pointing to the X5 M Competition version. That would very well fit in BMW’s most recent launch pattern where we get to see the M and the Competition versions at the same time, as it happened with the X3 M and X4 M versions.

The car is apparently being transported somewhere under a tarp and has a spec list attached to it, on the rear left-side door. What we can make out is a different rear bumper, quad tailpipes and a quilted door panel inside. The biggest giveaway seem to be the door mirror which features the usual M design.

As for the specs, expect the same V8 from the M5 Competition to be used on its bigger brother. Most likely, some 625 HP and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) will animate the X5 M Competition once it comes out while the X5 M will get 600 HP and the same amount of torque.

Since the X5 was launched nearly a year ago, expect the X5 M to be revealed in a few months.

UPDATE: found a couple new photos on Instagram, thanks to our reader JT88.

[Via: autoevolution]