It looks like the success BMW is recording in sim racing has prompted a strong response from the higher-ups in Munich. The German brand announced today it will be joining forces with five esports teams to create a global brand alliance and support them in their future competitions. Mind you, these are not just any esports teams, but some of the best out there, some of which having worked with BMW in the past.

The five teams are: Cloud9, Fnatic, FunPlus Pheonix, G2 Esports and T1. So what does this new collaboration entail for BMW? Well, the teams will be creating content featuring BMW colors and cars on social media and will wear jerseys with the Bavarian brand on them. In exchange BMW gets exposure in front of their fans and maybe create a new type of relationship with future customers. What’s impressive in this line-up is that it really covers the biggest markets, the teams being located in North America, the UK, Germany and China.

“Joining forces with the best teams in the world, we aim to use our design and innovation skills to help shape the discipline in the long term. Our esports involvement is an important milestone providing, for the first time, a new intersectionality with a dynamic and fast-growing community. We consider esports a promising, growing addition to our marketing activities,” said Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Consumer and Brand for BMW about the new partnership.

Of course, BMW will also cover the teams’ mobility needs with some of its cars. The BMW commitment also includes the provision of official team vehicles. Among these, each organization will have a team car featuring a custom livery with striking colors, combining motifs drawn in comic-book style with each organization’s logo. These eye‑catching liveries form another element of this close partnership and were developed jointly by the teams and BMW. You can check them out in the photo gallery below.