Prices for older BMW models have been on a steady rise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not referring to just any BMW but those with some pedigree and maybe some M badges are still highly valued. That list includes the E24 M6, the first ever BMW M6 to be made, a car with an interesting history behind it. The ‘shark-nose’ as it is also known is a widely appreciated model and mint models can fetch six-figure numbers.

The one we’re showing you today though, doesn’t exactly fit the description. People paying six-figures for a 1980s M6 expect it to be as close to stock as possible and with as little miles on the clock as you can get it.

In this particular instance, the 1987 BMW M6 resides at Brooklyn Auto Sales and has 117,065 miles on the clock. That’s a hefty amount, even for a car that’s over 30 years old.

Not the actual car for sale

That is one big problem while the other is the fact that it has been modified a bit. The first thing you’re gonna notice are the wheels which are not exactly ‘stock’. That would be an easy fix but then again, the previous owner also installed an air suspension, allowing you to raise and lower it however you like.

Apart from that, the ad also says the car was repainted recently and that the interior was redone.

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And all that work shows as this M6 looks absolutely stunning to me. Of course, it won’t be as appealing to collectors and I already listed the reasons why that’s the case, but to me this thing is absolutely gorgeous.

It also comes with a legendary 3.5-liter straight six engine under the hood which is a blast to drive and listen to and has timeless shapes. Therefore, here comes the big question: is it worth $35,000 in your book?