Just yesterday, we say a video from Jay Emm in which he compared the economy of his V12-powered BMW 760i and a Nissan Leaf. Obviously that’s a flawed comparison, even he admits it, but it’s a fun and interesting one. Today, though, he compares the his 760i with his own 1999 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (*gasp* he owns both BMW and Mercedes?!) and the brand-new Audi A8L.

The video is only part one of several, as each car will get its own video review and then they’ll all be totaled up and a winner will be named. This video is merely an introduction to each car, how their features compare and how much they were when new, as well as how much he paid for his two cars.

Yes, this is also a bit of a flawed test but it’s actually quite revealing. The cheapest car in the test is the S-Class, costing only a few thousand British Pounds and the most expensive is obviously the new A8, costing almost six-figures. So to see that you can get similar features in the S-Class as the A8, despite over two decades in between them, is surprising. It’s also interesting to see an owner of an E66 BMW 760i that doesn’t hate it or have never ending issues.

Really, the entire point of the video is to show off just how much luxury you can get for only a few thousand dollars (pounds, in his case), compared with a brand-new luxury car costing nearly six-figures. Obviously used cars, especially old ones, present better value. But the real question is; does the new car actually offer better luxury?

Sure, new cars have more tech, more features and more style but does all of that actually translate to a more luxurious experience than the S-Class from 21 years ago? We’ll find out in this video and those to come.