The new 7 Series LCI is an outstanding automobile and the latest pictures from the South African market debut entirely confirm the impressive aura of the BMW luxury flagship. The G11/G12 generation of the BMW 7 Series has been around since the Fall of 2015.

As we all know, it underwent a facelift surgery last year, which really boosted the elegance of the car and rendered it a striking design philosophy. Even though I was OK with the pre-LCI model series as well, I must recognize that the LCI procedure proved to be miraculous for the 7 Series.

The new LCI generation delivers refinement and tasteful styling which together bring the luxury limousine in line with the latest design trends of BMW. The headlamp shape is now more elegant than ever, slimmer than on the pre-LCI models, featuring revised LED graphics and extending harmoniously to connect with the huge kidney grille.

The generous dimensions of the new radiator grille were needed to further define the entire design of the language. It was inspired by the X7 luxury SAV and, on the 7 Series, it gives an impression of sheer force due to its horizontally-oriented width.

What I like most about the new design of the G11/G12 is the puristic approach of the styling philosophy, with simple, clean and precise lines and details, that helps give the 7 Series a very sophisticated attitude.

I can easily say the 7 Series LCI can perfectly be described by the phrase: “Best made better”. As I am a more classic guy that really appreciates an upscale interior setup with an abundance of premium materials, such as quilted leather and wood veneers, I can only be happy that the cabin was left unchanged by the update.

Contrary to wide belief that they should have more minimalistic and digital, I feel that the new 7 Series is the perfect balance between technology and classic luxury.

In all aspects, the dashboard and overall interior architecture are a tribute to an era when design was, above all, a demonstration of pure art and classiness.

In the upper luxury class, such an approach is always welcome and helps build an upscale image. In a world dominated by rather minimalistic cabin philosophies combined with loads of digital displays, the new BMW 7 Series manages to be (possibly) “The Last of the Mohicans”.

Coming back to the South African market launch of the new BMW 7 Series, the press representatives were able to test various versions of the luxury flagship limousine.

First on the list was the diesel entry-level choice of the 730Ld in pure RWD architecture, which is powered by the straight-six 3.0-liter B57 engine with a displacement of 2,993 cc rated at 265 PS / 261 hp.

The diesel aggregate features state-of-the-art TwnPower Turbo technology (single twin-scroll turbine) for an impressive power delivery and drive performance and an integrated DPF (particulate filter) that lowers CO2 emissions.

Next is another rear-driven choice in the form of the 740Li. This one is powered by the 3.0-liter straight-six B58 petrol engine with single twin-scroll turbocharging.

On the new 7 Series, the powerplant is rated at 250 kW / 340 PS (335 hp), achievable between 5,000 and 6,500 rpm. The peak torque developed by the B58 unit reaches 500 Nm (369 lb-ft), available over a wide rev range between 1,600–4,500 rpm.

Last, but not least important, the new 750Li xDrive is powered by the 4,395-cc, 8-cylinder N63 biturbo engine. The V8 powerplant has been extensively revised in 2018 and now develops no less than 390 kW / 530 PS (523 hp), compared to 455 PS (449 hp) on the pre-LCI generation.

The additional technical upgrades brought by the petrol N63 unit ensure a complete WLTP compliance and include higher pressure 5,000 psi injectors, a redesigned intake manifold, an upstream cooling radiator and larger twin-scroll turbochargers, as well as improved thermal shielding for the crankcase and cylinder head and a new ignition system.

Now let’s see a generous gallery starring the three 7 Series motoring variants. Enjoy!

SET 1 – BMW 750Li xDrive (G12 LCI)


SET 2 – BMW 740Li (G12 LCI)


SET 3 – BMW 730Ld (G12)