Many BMW fans are waiting with baited breath to see the next-generation of 4 Series. While any new BMW’s upcoming launch can cause intrigue among BMW’s fanbase, the next-gen 4er is garnering more attention than usual, mostly because of its new grille design. However, there’s a lot more to the new two-door Bimmer than just its grille. So let’s check out some new spy photos that have recently popped up. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we see the next-gen BMW 4 Series Convertible doing some winter testing with its top down, which is brave of the driver. What’s encouraging to see is that the 4 Series still looks lovely with its top down. It’s not as pretty as the coupe, obviously, but it’s still great looking.

To be honest, aside from the funky new grille design, I think the next-gen 4 Series is going to be among the brand’s best looking cars. It has the right proportions, seemingly nice headlights and an 8 Series-style design language on a shorter wheelbase. So it should look great.

The car in questions seems like some four-cylinder variant, due to its small-ish wheels and dual, circular exhausts. Whether it’s the BMW 430i or 430d, it’s likely some lesser variant. That said, it still looks good, even without any fancy wheels or aggressive body work.

Unfortunately, we can’t see any of the interior in these photos, despite the top being down. It’s likely that the 4 Series shares the same interior, or at least a similar one, with its 3 Series sibling, so it should be good.

We’re really excited to see the final production version of the 4 Series, in either body style, big grille or not. It’s going to be a cool car with a unique design and, hopefully, killer driving dynamics. Until now, though, all we have to go by are photos like these.

[Source: Motor1]