Each and every time we check out some spy photos of the new BMW 4 Series, in any variation, the focal point is on its new grille design. After seeing the BMW Concept 4, enthusiasts have been extremely curious (worried?) about whether or not the next-gen 4 Series will have the concept car’s grille. We know that it will, and have said so consistently, but there are still some enthusiasts holding out hope that we’re wrong. Unfortunately for them, these new spy photos prove us right. (We don’t own them but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, we see a BMW 4 Series Convertible doing some winter testing and it’s the most production-ready test mule we’ve seen yet. It doesn’t seem to have any body panel fakery and has some more exposed metal than other test mules we’ve seen. But the focal point is still up front.

While the front end remains camouflaged, there’s enough of it exposed to get a good idea of its new design. Mainly, we can see the new grille insert design, featuring a sort of hexagonal pattern inside. What’s interesting is that we can see that same pattern repeated in the lower portion of the grille, ending any speculation that the lower part is separate.

4 Series Convertible Render

However, focusing on the new 4 Series grille is getting a bit tiresome. The rest of the car looks so go, with near-perfect proportions and a profile that looks really handsome, even in Convertible-spec. Personally, I actually think the 4 Series is going to be one of the brand’s best looking cars, as it looks to have the 8 Series’ design language but on a smaller, shorter car, which looks sexier. Though, it’s going to have to be great looking, as its main competitor is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, which is breathtaking.

Overall, though, we’re optimistic about the new 4 Series. Sure, its grille is going to take some getting used to but we think the rest of the car will be so good looking that it’s going to balance out.

[Source: Motor Authority]