Now that the new MINI Cooper SE is here, BMW and MINI enthusiasts can get themselves into a small, electric hatchback that’s actually fun to drive. It seems as if the famous British brand has injected a bit of fun into electric motoring. But is it actually as much fun to drive as you would expect from an electric MINI? This new video from Johnny Smith gives us some insight.

Johnny Smith is an esteemed automotive journalist and presenter, working on Fifth Gear, Sniff Petrol and his own channel, CarPervert. In his latest video, he drives the MINI Cooper SE to see what it’s like in real-world driving and if it’s as fun as promised.

To be honest, it seems as if it’s as advertised. The steering and turn-in are sharp and precise, giving it a nimble, agile feel. And Smith seems impressed with the damping as well, which is impressive over some of the UK’s harsher back roads. So it seems like a proper MINI, just one that’s all-electric.

It’s not priced all that well, as it’s a bit more expensive than some of its competitors which offer more range, but Smith does mention that it’s a premium product and one that customers are more willing to spend extra money on. That goes for all MINIs in general, to be honest. So its more premium interior, quality electronics and brand prestige will make the MINI Cooper SE worth it over less expensive rivals to many customers.

Overall, though, it just seems like the Cooper SE is a package that works well, especially in the UK. It’s small, has enough range (though it could do with more), is quick and, most importantly, is fun to drive. Throw in a nice interior with good tech and it seems like an excellent overall, everyday EV.