The World Wide Web and Instagram bring us today new videos featuring the 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe. The test mule was spotted in Germany barely hiding its front-end. Speaking of the front-end, it was just two weeks ago that another leak fully revealed the front fascia.

The grille is almost exactly as large as what we saw on the BMW Concept 4, with two enormous, gaping Kidney Grilles that merge in the middle to the point of looking like one giant grille.

It is newsworthy that the 4 Series prototype does not yet have a license plate at the front. Although it is easy to see where the license plates should be placed, the license plate is obviously placed on the dashboard and not mounted in its final position.

How the 2021 BMW 4 Series will work with the extra large kidney grille, which is partially hidden by the license plate, remains to be seen. Rather than BMW’s traditional vertical slat grille inserts, this prototype has the same sort of dotted design as current M Performance models. That leads us to believe the car we’re looking at is the upcoming BMW M440i or the M440d.

We also get a good impression of the front apron design of the M Sport package, because apart from the grill, the M Performance models are known to remain very close to the aerodynamic package. Out back, we see the new taillight design of the 4 Series, which is a bit more sculpted than that of the 3 Series.

BMW will unveil the new 2021 BMW 4 Series in June 2020, followed by the market launch later in the year.