If you’re an avid reader of BMWBLOG, then you probably already know all there is to know about the BMW 8 Series. This nameplate holds a special place in the hearts of many of us and with its revival two years ago, BMW acknowledged the importance of the car. After a 20-year long hiatus, the 8er was back and it is now getting pretty good reviews from journalists around the world, seemingly singing to the same tune.

The guys from Donut Media decided to go about it differently. Instead of just taking an 8 Series out for a spin, they are taking a look at the model’s history through the years. According to them, the history of the 8 Series started with the M1. Some might argue that’s not the case since the M1 is a mid-engine supercar, while the 8 Series was, from the get go, a front-engine super GT. Design-wise though, they do share a couple of features.

What’s true though, is that the 6 Series and the 8 Series are very closely related. They have never co-existed because there’s just no sense in keeping two super GT cars in the line-up at the same time as they would bite at each other and stealing customers from one another.

The thing is, the 8 Series has always been the more luxurious, more comfortable and more powerful choice. It wasn’t as sharp as the 6er but it was loved nonetheless.

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The reason why the 8 Series looks so sleek though is the fact that BMW wanted a really low drag coefficient. Styling cues from older concepts were used to get the drag coefficient down to 0.29, which is astounding if you think about how sleek other cars of the era were.

There are plenty of examples in the video below and plenty more interesting stuff included in the 15-minute clip Donut Media put together, so you might want to check it out.