The new BMW X6 has recently celebrated the introduction on the Czech Republic market. Already in its third generation, the new X6 has already been introduced on mostly all the relevant markets across the globe. The G06 series comes with a completely refreshed styling philosophy and a load of technology.

Its angular design evokes the trails of the first E71 generation. The most striking hallmark design features are the inverted kidney grille, which can optionally be fitted with an illumination device, the revised front bumper and the elongated L-shaped tail lights.

The new X6 of the G06 generation is a complete brute force. The executive-class Sports Activity Coupe exudes power and and prowess through all its pores. Even though it is a high-sided vehicle, the new BMW X6 does a really good impression in the dynamics department. The SAC boasts an adaptive chassis, integral steering and a versatile xDrive system, which ensures maximum safety and agility in all situations.

The new X6 has a complete lineup of M vehicles. The M Performance M50d and M50i and the full-bred X6 M are all high-performance vehicles with individual characters and catering to a difference audience.

BMW VBX6 – Vantablack – The world’s blackest black

For the media launch of the X6 (G06) in the lovely Czech Republic, the national BMW Group subsidiary has chosen the petrol-based X6 M50i to expose the qualities of the new-generation SAC. This is highest-ranging X6 model besides the X6 M and X6 M Competition models.

The pumping heart underneath the hood is the thoroughly enhanced and updated N63 engine, which first debuted on the M850i Coupe (G15) in 2018. The 8-cylinder powerplant has a hot inner V configuration and a total displacement of 4,395 cc.

Furthermore, the V8 unit has undergone a series of complex structural changes, which aimed to increase the resistance and overall performance. Thus, the N63 engine is capable of delivering a peak output of 530 PS (523 hp) and a massive torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft).

The X6 M50i from the Czech photoshoot is featured in the new Manhattan Brown metallic exterior color, which is further emphasized by the Cerium Grey accents, standard on the every M Performance model, and the BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line black adornments for the side windows. The 21-inch M Performance code 741M with Y-spoke design further underline the potency of the X6 M50i.

The cabin continues the performance theme of the exterior with the full BMW Individual Merino Black leather upholstery and the carbon fiber trims for the dashboard and door covers. Last, but not least, the eye-catching CraftedClarity glass applications are adding a sophisticated touch to the interior of this new X6 M50i.

Let’s see more dynamic shots of the new X6 in the following photo gallery from the Czech national premiere. Enjoy!