For awhile, the BMW X6 was basically in a class of one. Not because it was superior to ever other brand’s offerings but because no other brand wanted to make anything like it. Now, there are a handful of X6-fighters but only one is a proper competitor. The only other brand that decided to genuinely make an X6 competitor has been Mercedes-Benz with the GLE-Class Coupe. So which is the better looking Coupe SUV — the Bimmer or the Benz?

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly fair because the BMW X6 is brand-spankin’ new but the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe is still on its old chassis. The standard GLE-Class has already received a new model but the Coupe version has yet to get the same update, similar to how the BMW X5 debuted prior to the X6.

Still, these two cars are competitors and will be available to customers at the same time, so they’re worth comparing.

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From the front, the Mercedes-Benz is still a handsome looking car, one that’s aged well. It’s simple and un-fussy, which is a good thing. It looks premium and expensive, without looking gaudy or garish. While the BMW X6 is all anger and fury. Its headlights look as if they’re bulging from their eye sockets, there are lines, angles and shapes everywhere and its front air intakes look angrier. Personally, I think the Benz still looks better from the front.

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Where the BMW X6 takes it to the Mercedes GLE Coupe is at the rear, especially the rear three-quarters. While the X6 isn’t exactly a beauty, the Benz is just frumpy looking. It always has, actually. Again, the BMW X6 isn’t the epitome of automotive beauty but it’s more muscular, chiseled rear haunches are better looking then the Benz’s.

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Inside, the BMW X6 is certainly the better looking car but it’s not really fair, as the interior of the Benz is old now. Not only is it old because the GLE Coupe is old but because it’s the same interior as the regular last-gen GLE-Class, which is even older. So, yes, the BMW X6 is nicer on the inside but it’s not really fair so we’re gonna wash this one.

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Overall, if it were my money, I’m going to take the BMW X6. I know, it’s a lot newer but it’s still the car I’d choose. Now, when the next generation of the Benz debuts, we’ll revisit this comparison to see if that opinion still stands.

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