Ever since the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII came out, reviewers around the world have been saying that it’s the best luxury car you can buy. While some may disagree, the vast majority of enthusiasts simply find this one of the best luxury cars ever made, not just in the last few years. The guys from Carwow are the latest to add their name to this list, as they have just published an extended review of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

To be honest, I do find reviews of such cars rather pointless. It’s more of a showcase of the capabilities the car has rather than a useful review. It’s not like some billionaire is going to go on Youtube and search for a review in order to make up their mind regarding the Phantom. These videos are more like a presentation of what the world’s wealthiest people can buy and what they are used to in terms of comfort and luxury.

And it doesn’t really get any better than the Phantom. What you don’t realize when you’re looking at the Phantom on a screen is just how big it is. I had the chance of driving it a couple of times and it is just huge. Just think that the long-wheelbase 7 Series is half a meter shorter than the Phantom. And the 7er is already a big car. The length is just one side of the story though, as the Phantom is also quite tall and wide. It’s basically a tank.

All those impressive numbers related to the sheer exterior size of the car translate into more room inside than you could wish for. There’s ample space both up front and in the back, where most owners will be sitting. The quality of the materials is out of this world and there is more tech in there than you’d expect from a car as sober as this. I think it would be best to let Mat do the rest of the presentation though.