We have a special podcast episode for you this week. We’re a bit late, so we apologize for that but it will be worth the wait. This week, we have Jackie Jouret on the podcast, the journalist/author/BMW enthusiast that found Elvis Presley’s BMW 507 and wrote a book on the BMW 2002. To say she has a wealth of knowledge about the BMW brand would be a gross understatement.

She joined both Horatiu and I to talk about her experience with the BMW brand, what sparked her love for the brand, how she found the BMW 507 and about the iconic 2002.

Jackie has written two books about those very subjects, both of which can be found on Amazon. There’s “Finding Elvis’ 507”, which is about, you guessed it, finding his BMW 507. It’s actually an interesting story and she details the process of finding the actual owner of the car, getting its status confirmed by BMW and its restoration process. The famous 507 that you all saw at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is the car Jackie found. So it was a special moment for her when it rolled up on the lawn at Pebble.

She also talks about her second book, “The BMW 2002: The Real Story Behind the Legend”, which details how the iconic car came about. Obviously, the 2002 isn’t as exciting as Elvis’ BMW 507 but it’s an interesting story for any BMW enthusiast. It’s also a more important car, as the 507 nearly bankrupted BMW while the 2002 launched BMW into the mainstream.

So have a listen, as Jackie is one of the more knowledgeable Bimmerphiles in the business and she has some great stories to tell. Hopefully she’ll join us again sometime in the future but until then check out this latest episode and enjoy. As always, send in some questions so we can answer them in next week’s episode.

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