One of the most famous BMW Art Cars – if one can even say that – will be showcased in India this upcoming weekend. If you happen to find yourself at the India Art Fair in New Delhi between January 31 and February 2, you just might spot this marvelous creation on exhibit. The BMW M1 Art Car ever made has a really interesting story behind it and, along with it, an awesome track record as well.

“At BMW, we just don’t build the best performing cars, but deeply believe in the intangibles. We hold our design aesthetics very dear, this inspires us as well as our users to stretch their creative boundaries. India Art Fair is a perfect platform for us to reach out to our discerning customers and showcase the brands aesthetics and design philosophy.

“My personal favorite is the exclusive showcase of the most photographed BMW Art Car in the world – by Andy Warhol. It is at India Art Fair and I would urge our fans and patrons not to miss seeing it in person!” said Rudratej Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer, BMW Group India.

Andy Warhol famously painted the BMW M1 Art Car in less than half an hour. He moved so fast, the camera crew that was on deck to film the process didn’t have enough time to get everything on tape so by the time Warhol finished, they could only capture a few shots of the artist finishing his masterpiece.

Speaking about it, Warhol said: “I love this car. It’s more successful than the artwork.” What makes it even more special is that this car was actually raced with this original paint on, in the infamous 24 hour race of Le Mans.

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Forty years later, enthusiasm for the mid-engine sports car remains unabated. Already world-famous at that time, the US icon of Pop Art shared the same passion with many automobile fans of that bygone era. And the fascination of the unique model created by Warhol has indeed increased. Many fans regard the BMW M1 Art Car as the highlight of the entire collection which is signed by 19 artists.