One could hardly hope to see a car like the BMW X7 on the track, let alone being pushed to its limits. But thanks to Youtube, some of those “dreams” often come true. The guys from TFL Car took the fastest X7 you can get today, the M50i model, out for a spin on the track, trying to find out whether it can keep up with a car at the other end of the spectrum. Whereas the BMW X7 is big, heavy and powerful, the Toyota GT86 is light, nimble and, some would say, down on power.

Usually I don’t get why the guys from TFL Car pit cars from vastly different segments against each other but this time around, I do understand the point they are trying to make. The thing is, the automotive industry has changed. People have been asking for more crossovers and more SUVs and the car makers had to adapt. Therefore, the majority of the cars sold in the world today ride higher than ever before.

That was all doable because of the advancements made in the engine and suspension department. Today, cars are more efficient and having an SUV doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have to start drilling for your own oil well anymore. Furthermore, the suspension tweaks done can actually make a high-riding vehicle quite fast and enjoyable to drive. That’s why they put the BMW X7 M50i to the test against the GT86.

These two cars couldn’t have been more different and they definitely appeal to different demographics. In the end, the BMW X7 M50i was the faster car, despite having to carry around 5,700 lbs. It was actually a good performance and about 5 seconds quicker than the GT86.

Next, the reviewers even threw a Toyota Supra in the mix and that was a whole different game. The Supra is actually one of the best sports cars you can get today and the comparison isn’t really fair. Even so, the X7 was just 3 seconds off the mark. Considering its size and weight, I’d say it did pretty good.