Hurricanes are no joke and unfortunately, almost every year, some of us have to go through the ordeal of either securing or leaving our homes. And while some material things are easily replaceable, there is always that one thing you can’t part ways with. Take for example Randy Jalil, the owner of not just one car, but of two iconic ones: BMW E30 M3 and an ’84 Golf GTI.

So in order to protect his jewels from a potential disaster, Randy decided to do the unspeakable – bring the cars inside his living room. But this wasn’t the first time he’s done this. Three years ago he brought his M3 into his house to save it from hurricane Matthew. So it made sense to use the same recipe.

Looking at his Instagram pictures, the two cars simply seem to properly fit within the interior design of the house, and could make for a permanent decor. Yet, one may wonder why Randy hasn’t stored them in his garage. Being a good boyfriend that he is, Randy used his covered garage to store his girlfriend’s Chevrolet Malibu. Furthermore, his brother’s Toyota Corolla was housed inside the garage as well.

The iconic E30 M3 needs no introduction. It’s one of the most fun BMWs to own, one that appreciates year-over-year, and a BMW classic car that many of us would like to own. So it’s absolutely understandable why Randy would wanna protect his baby.

[Source: GrandTourNation]