Here it is, ladies and gentleman, the latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast. We’re on out fifteenth episode and we’re excited that so many of you are listening and enjoying it. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback and it’s very encouraging, as well as much appreciate. So thank you for listening and we hope that you continue to do so. Anyway, let’s talk a bit about this latest episode. In it, we discuss three major topics; the BMW 4 Series, the i4 Concept and the BMW i8.

We kick things off by talking about the next-gen BMW 4 Series. We’ve seen quite a few spy photos in recent weeks, showing off the next-gen 4 Series’ body style. It’s been heavily wrapped in camouflage, so as to hide most of its details, but we can make enough out to know it’s going to be good looking.

We also know that it will have massive grilles, something many fans can’t seem to wrap their heads around. So we discuss the fact that the 4 Series will have Concept 4-like grilles and BMW isn’t playing 4D chess by making us think it will and then having it actually wear normal kidneys.

After that, we talk about the BMW i4 Concept, a car based off of the next-gen 4 Series Gran Coupe but one that will be fully electric. It will also have some impressive specs and we’re going to be seeing it at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of months’ time. That’s a hugely important car and we’re very excited about it.

Lastly, we talk about the BMW i8 and say goodbye to an unusual, deeply flawed but highly lovable car. The i8 is a car that doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should but it’s also one that, despite being so lovable, sadly needs to go. It’s about three years past its expiration date and BMW is making the wise decision to stop production this year. It’s not something we like seeing but we understand it needs to be done.

Please have a listen, we hope you enjoy the episode and stay tuned for next week, as we have a special guest.

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