The new generation of the BMW 4 Series Convertible will be premiered this year towards falls. Till then, camouflaged test prototypes are continuing the street experimental phase. The start of production for the upcoming G23 generation of the open-top 4 Series is planned for November 2020, with market launch following shortly thereafter.

Recently, a camouflaged G23 prototype has been scooped in Germany, revealing more interesting details of the exterior styling (as we don’t own the photos, you can view them here).

What if the BMW Concept 4 had even bigger grilles?

We note that the heavy cladding of the early test vehicles has been shed off and now we get to see more of the Concept 4-inspired design philosophy. The captured prototype was equipped with the high-end Laser headlamps, given the sharp, polygonal inner graphics and the blue accents of the light projectors. The headlights also look to be slimmer than on the 3 Series and are extending towards to grille, but without connecting to it.

BMW 4 Series Convertible 1 830x415

The most controversial part of the car will be the new kidney grille extending all over the height of the front fascia. This recently photographed 4 Series Convertible test car was merely hiding the top section of the radiator grille with a transparent mesh.

It is no going backwards with this new hallmark feature, which seems to be even bigger than on the BMW Concept 4. As well, the honeycomb pattern of the grille signals this test vehicle is indeed the M440i version, also depicted by the Cerium Grey exterior mirrors.

G23 4 series convertible 830x471

Only the lower section of the new huge-sized grille is looking to be a bit more hidden away from curious eyes, even though, in direct sun, it is clearly visible that the grille extends all the way to the bottom. The mighty grille will certainly cause a lot of stir among fans and clients, some will love it, some will hate it deeply. What everyone must admit is that the new 4 Series generation will once again be a polarizing design from BMW.

BMW Concept 4 rendered as a Shooting Brake looks cool

To be available with both rear-driven traction and xDrive, the M440i variant of the G22/G23 generation will use the same B58 3.0-liter straight-six engine like the M340i siblings. This means the output for the European-spec model will reach 374 PS (368 hp) due to stringent emission regulations. The State-side customers will be able to get their new M440i with a power increase up to 382 hp.

The new 4 Series Convertible will be underpinned by the CLAR architecture. To save more weight, the G23 generation will get rid of the current hardtop configuration and embrace a lighter cloth roof architecture.

We will get a small taste of the new exterior styling philosophy of the 4 Series family with the help of the BMW Concept i4 near-production show car, based on the future G26 4 Series Gran Coupe and expected to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.