When BMW first unveiled the i3 Concept, it was a revolutionary look at what the future of personal urban mobility could be. It was bold and exciting, showing off a clear vision for BMW’s future. When the production i3 was finally revealed, it was so similar to its own concept, fans were at a loss for words. Since then, though, BMW has drastically slowed down. It’s yet to debut another car as bold or radical as the i3 Concept. However, the Bavarians may get another chance, with the upcoming BMW i4.

According to our sources, the BMW i4 Concept — a close-to-production concept of the actual i4 road car — will make its debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show in just a few months time. That makes the Geneva show the most important car show for BMW in a very long time, as the i4 will be the brand’s most important car reveal since that i3 Concept way back.


When the BMW i4 Concept hits that showroom stage for the world to see, it will represent the first all-electric production car from BMW since the original i3 back in 2014. While that was only six years, six years is a lifetime in this new automotive world. Since the i3’s introduction, we’ve seen several new Teslas launch, the Chevy Bolt, a new and upgraded Nissan Leaf and even a flipping KIA e-Niro. All while BMW seemingly sat idly by.

Now BMW will of course tell you that it wasn’t sitting idly by, that it’s been working on ground-breaking new electric tech behind the scenes. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. Either way, we’re going to find out in Geneva, when the BMW i4 Concept makes its debut. Once we see that, we’ll know if BMW was serious about its claims of clandestine innovation.

BMW i Vision Dynamics images 01 830x553

Whether the Bavarians want to admit it or not, they’re behind the curve, in terms of electrification. The aforementioned EVs have surpassed BMW (and, to be honest, most of the other German brands as well). This is BMW’s chance to regain some footing, though. Geneva will be its chance to make a comeback and that’s what makes the BMW i4 Concept the most important reveal since the original i3 Concept, which seems like a lifetime ago.