Late last year we were telling you that if you’re in the market for a rare BMW E36 M3 Lightweight model you might want to check out a certain Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale Auction. Well, the aforementioned auction took place this past weekend and it had no less than five of those already rare cars lined-up for sale. The best part? They also belonged to a car movie icon, Paul Walker. That’s right, the man known for driving Skylines was also a fan of the E36 M3.

Well, as expected, all cars were sold for really nice price tags. All of them were grabbed in a hurry, with the most expensive model fetching no less than $350,000. This one had the lowest mileage of the five, with just 4,600 on the clock (7,402 km) being basically brand new by all possible metrics.

However, the mileage on the odometer wasn’t the only factor that led to high prices. The second most expensive car in the line-up has 42,514 miles (68,419 km) on the clock while the third most expensive has 14,283 miles (22,986 km).

The final two cars had 15,485 miles (24,920 km) and 34,400 miles (55,361 km) on the clock and were sold with $200,000 each. Those are probably the highest price tags ever paid for an E36 M3. The fact that they were all Lightweight models made them special enough already, considering BMW only made 126 of them and 10 were pre-production cars. Therefore, the chances of getting your hands on one were pretty slim, not to mention the perfect condition these beauties are in.

The are also featuring very low mileage on the clock, no matter how you look at it. They are pristine models and chances are their value will only go up in the future, if the E30 M3 is anything to go by. The auction also saw other cars from Paul Walker’s collection auctioned off, such as a Nissan 350Z featured in Fast Five, sold for $105,600.