Prices for certain classic BMWs have recently gone through the roof. Given the right mileage and condition, a BMW E36 M3 can get quite expensive and even standard E46 models are on the rise. That’s all happening after the E30 M3 generation hit a sort of ceiling in terms of pricing. Even so, when it comes to special editions of these cars things tend to go even wilder. Just look at how expensive an E46 M3 CSL is and you’ll understand my point.

However, is that a good enough excuse to ask for ridiculous amounts of money for spare parts, too? That’s the kind of question you tend to ask yourself when you see someone asking for $10,000 for an M3 wing. This, however, is not just any kind of M3 wing. This, according to the seller, is a 1995 BMW E36 M3 Lightweight wing which should make it a rather rare part to find, to be honest. That’s because only the Lightweight models came with this wing, which is said to have been developed for track usage alone.

arctic silver metallic bmw e36 m3 lightweight aftermarket forgestar wheels u 830x553

As a matter of fact, that’s further highlighted by a sticker on the wing saying it’s not approved for public roads. The seller says the wing comes with all you need to install it. That means it has a riser set, gurney flaps, install kit from BMW and so on. For some people, this wing might actually be worth it. But then again, it would only make sense to buy it if you own a Lightweight and don’t have the wing for it.

Otherwise, nobody will really be interested in it and it seems like the seller won’t even think about parting ways with it unless you have a Lightweight M3. Considering only 126 of those were ever made, and nobody knows exactly how many are still running, it might take a while to sell it. Then again, I don’t think time is an issue here as much as the price tag. So, would you pay that much money for a wing?

[Source: eBay]