One of the absolute best developers of aftermarket BMW parts actually hails from Japan, not Germany. If you haven’t heard of 3D Design by now, you need to do a quick Google search. Not only do the good people at 3D Design design their own parts but they also make them out of the best materials. Want aluminum paddle shifters? They can do it. Aluminum pedals? Yup, they’ve got that to. What about dry carbon aerodynamics? 3D Design has the hookup. The Japanese tuning company recently took two of their newest products to the Tokyo Auto Show and they looked great.

While we’ve seen 3D Design’s Z4 project before, it’s always good to see it again. However, what we haven’t see before is their new BMW M850i project. In fact, no one has, as the 2020 Tokyo Auto Show was its worldwide debut. So what’s new on 3D Design’s new BMW M850i project? Well, tons of carbon, for starters. It gets a new dry carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and rear spoiler.

It also gets some new 3D Design wheels, with blue accents to match the body color, as well as coilover suspension and a new exhaust. So it should handle better and sound better well.

Inside, it also gets a new steering wheel and a choice of upgraded paddle shifters. The latter come in either aluminum or carbon fiber. If I might make a recommendation for anyone considering the 3D Design paddle shifter upgrade, go with the aluminum. As nice as carbon fiber is, it’s essentially just fancy plastic. Big aluminum paddles feel fantastic to use and genuinely make shifting with them more enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Drive a modern Alfa and then you’ll understand.

Overall, 3D Design makes some of the best aftermarket BMW bits on the market and this new BMW M850i is a good example of that.