According to AutoExpress journalists, the flagship BMW 7 Series is the fourth most comfortable in the world, behind Range Rover, Rolls-Royce Phantom and all-time arch-rival Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Judging comfort only by the setup of the chassis can be misleading sometimes. There are many examples of cars which can offer an ambivalent ride which is both dynamic and comfortable. And BMW is one of the best in that area. It’s true it may never offer the supreme comfort of the S-Class, which is a sort of a trendsetter in this area. But, again, the 7 Series has never aimed to be that comfortable. Instead, it cultivated a very individual driving feel and consequently improved comfort with the help of dedicated solutions.

The 7 Series is a benchmark among premium luxury vehicles, thanks to its substantially developed and enhanced chassis, which is decisively dynamic and, as well, can offer a serene and impeccable, highly comfortable ride for all occupants. While the Mercedes-Benz S-Class can be best assessed from a rear passenger view, the 7 Series manages to offer both thrilling sensations for the driver and a sense of wellbeing for its passengers.

The 7 Series can be optionally equipped with the optional Executive Drive Pro chassis and ride management system, which costs well over EUR 3,000 in Europe. This system enables a sharp and nimble chassis setup as to offer a supreme ride quality.

Furthermore, contributing to the wellness atmosphere aboard the BMW 7 Series is an array of dedicated solutions, such as the high-end Bowers & Wilkins Diamond 3D Surround audio system, the automatic fragrance dispenser, the ambience lighting, the Caring Car mood-enhancement program, the Rear Seat Entertainment and Comfort Rear Seats, which can be reclined at an angle of up to 42.5 degrees.


The 7 Series is certainly a strong contender in the luxury class. It may not be that comfortable as the S-Class and not as extravagant like a Rolls-Royce Phantom (different buyers anyway), but it surely is the most flexible and versatile alternative in its segment.