Well, episode 4 is here of our podcast and we have another guest for you. This time, it’s our own Chuck Vossler. While he isn’t a full-time writer for BMWBLOG (he’s a much more important human for that), he does contribute to our site every now and again. He’s also one of our resident EV experts, as he’s owned a few over the years and is an EV enthusiast. He’s also the owner of a BMW i3 and a Tesla Model 3 Performance. Don’t fret, though, he’s also a proper petrol-head.

We talk a lot about EVs in this episode, especially about the differences between the BMW i3 and Tesla Model 3. The reason for that is not because they’re two comparable cars — because they’re not, they’re very different — but because they each offer a unique and different EV experience. There seems to be a common idea among car enthusiasts that, when the industry becomes entirely electric, cars won’t have personality anymore. The i3 and Tesla Model 3 challenge that notion.

Not only does Chuck own those two EVs, though. He’s also the owner of one of the best M cars ever, the E92 BMW M3. He still owns it because of its naturally-aspirated engine and he’s a bit fan of free-breathing engines. So we won’t sell it for the newer F82 M4. Further proving his love for normal aspiration, Chuck also owns a Porsche Cayman GT4, a car that I’m personally very jealous of. I mention this inn the podcast but it’s been a car I’ve admired from a far because I’ve never had the chance to actually drive it. So I’m very jealous that he actually owns one.

So please check this episode out and we hope you like it. We’ll likely have Chuck on again to talk cars with me in the future. So stay tuned and remember to shoot me some questions at nico@bmwblog.com and I’ll answer them on the next podcast.

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