It’s Monday, so it’s time for the BMWBLOG Podcast. This week is Episode 3 and we have a bit of a treat for you. For the first two episodes, it’s just been me, blabbering by myself about my thoughts on modern BMW news and topics regarding the entire industry. This time, though, our Editor-In-Chief, Horatiu, decided to join me.

In this new episode, we talk about quite a few topics and we run a bit longer than usual. Among the things we talk about are the BMW M8, the 8 Series Gran Coupe and even the i3. However, the biggest topic we discus is the BMW M3 leak and its highly controversial Kidney Grille design, as well as its future in the lineup. It’s an interesting conversation because Horatiu has some insight from insiders at BMW. So while he doesn’t know the exact future of the controversial grille design, he does understand the thinking behind it and why it is the way it is.

But we also ramble a bit and just talk cars, which is sort of the idea. We should have more guests for you in coming episodes and we’d like to have a guest in each episode moving forward, to keep things fresh and give you listeners a new perspective. So have a listen and we hope you enjoy it.

Also, please send any questions you want answered to and I’ll answer them at the end of each podcast episode. If we have special guests coming on, we’ll notify you in a post ahead of time, so you can ask them questions as well.

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Side Note: I apologize if some of the audio is choppy, we tried a new podcast software and it had a few unexpected hiccups but any choppiness should be fixed with the next episode, as we think we’ve figured out the problem. So I apologize again and it shouldn’t be an issue moving forward.