The age-old BMW M3 vs Mercedes-AMG C63 debate got a new episode recently. The guys from CarSales in Australia decided to take these two cars out for a track test for a change, just to see which car would be better in such an environment. There’s a twist to this comparison though, as the M3 and the C63 models are not the ‘base’ versions but upgraded alternatives.

In this particular comparison we’re checking out the rare BMW M3 CS against its more powerful rival from Stuttgart, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S. What do all those initials mean? Well, the BMW M3 CS is the fastest and most track-focused car of the F80 M3 generation. The CS stands for Club Sport and translates into a different suspension setup, a lighter overall construction as well as a small power bump. All in all, the M3 CS comes with 10 extra HP compared to the Competition model it is based on, and is 30 kilos lighter.

On the other side of this comparison stands the revamped Mercedes-AMG C63 S. Unlike the standard C63, the S model comes with the same 4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood but taken over 500 HP just for good measure. The new model also comes with better electronics under the sheet metal as well as a fancy new 9-speed gearbox, to help it keep up with the competition. Did all those tricks work?

Well, on the track, power is important but another, even more important factor is weight. The BMW M3 CS was focused on that specifically and, being 250 kilos lighter, definitely help it in all challenges. The huge weight difference, combined with the better tires turned the M3 into a clear winner.

The BMW wasn’t only faster in a drag race but also going round the track. The clock showed the M3 CS was about 4 seconds faster than the Merc, a rather big difference on a track that’s not that long in the first place.