The future generation G80 BMW M3 will celebrate its official premiere next year. Until the unveiling moment takes place, the test prototypes are in full testing swing on public roads and closed circuits. The latest scoop caught the forthcoming M3 while performing some quick stints on the legendary Nürburgring circuit in Germany.

A novelty for BMW, the new M3 Sedan will be borrowing its front end signature straight from the next generation 4 Series (G22/G23/G26 model family), instead of the G20 3 Series, while also adding the hallmark BMW M details.

The new front fascia will be, simply put, dramatic and very daring in its attitude. The inspiration will be taken from the BMW Concept 4 that debuted at the 2019 IAA Frankfurt motor show. The main attraction point will be the huge kidneys of the radiator grille and the slimmer laser headlights that will be probably extend in length up to it.

BMW M4 Rendering by

Although the test prototype in the most recent spy photos was wearing kidneys grille vertically-placed slats, it is expected that for the G80 M3 series, the slats will be double and horizontally oriented to give more visual depth and size to the grille. The lower part of the front bumper will be styled in BMW M style, with some generously dimensioned air intakes to be featured on it.

The whole body of the car will be widened, thanks to modified front and rear wing panels, with the large-sized alloy M design wheels further accentuating the brutal character of the M3.

At the rear end, styling will also get some of the features from the Concept 4 Series, while the bumper and quad, oval exhausts will signal the fact that this car is a pure M vehicle.

Inside, the familiar M styling will be present, meaning M1 and M2 red buttons on the M steering wheel and the new electronic gear selector that equips the new M8/X5 M/X6 M models as well.

The future G80 M3 will be offered in the usual two version: standard and Competition. The models will be powered by the new S58 powerplant that debuted on this year’s revealed F97 X3 M and F98 X4 M high-performance SAV/SAC. Derived from the B58 family of engines, the BMW M-specific S58 unit has a straight-six cylinder architecture with TwinPower Turbo technology, developing 353 kW/480 PS (473 hp) in its standard guise or 375 kW/510 PS (503 hp) for the Competition model. For both output versions, the peak torque reaches a top figure of 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) which is being constantly delivered between 2600 and 5950 rpm.

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For the first time in history, the new G80 M3 will feature two drivetrains: the rear-wheel platform and the new M xDrive that also underpins the X3 M and X4 M models. Compared to the M5 models, the pure back-driven 2WD mode will not be available, but the 4WD SPORT configuration will be offered as to enable more fun and some more freedom to drift thanks to the additional torque directed towards the rear axle.

Last, but not least, the forthcoming M3 Sedan might still keep the manual gearbox as an option, besides the standard M Steptronic 8-speed transmission.

Apart from from the future G80 M3 and M3 Competition models, some outrageous CS and CSL iterations are also possible from 2021 onwards.