The BMW Z4 won’t be getting an M version any time soon. Or ever again. However, the BMW Z4 M40i is a really good car as it is already, prompting even the most hardcore BMW M fan to wonder whether an all-out M version is really necessary. Furthermore, various tuners out there can also enhance your Z4 with a variety of parts, so you can actually get more performance out of your car.

One of those companies is AC Schnitzer.

BMW Z4 wheels ac schnitzer 11

The German tuner is one of the oldest to offer parts for BMW cars. The collaboration between the Bavarian brand and the tuner goes back over 40 years, and soldiers on. For the BMW Z4 M40i, AC Schnitzer has a variety of upgrades available, from exhausts to wheels, suspension parts, aerodynamic components and even aluminum accessories for the cabin.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the sound department.

In the video below you can listen to the custom exhaust sound offered for the Z4 by AC Schnitzer. It’s made out of stainless steel and the tailpipes seen here are done in Sport Black, with a noticeably different design compared to the standard car. I should mention that this is not a complete exhaust but rather just the rear silencer and it works with the Otto particulate filter installed, as removing it would be against the law in Europe.

Cars delivered in the US don’t have particulate filters on and that means the sound and the performance of the Z4 in M40i guise are better. I would definitely be curious to see and hear the differences.

As for the car in the video, it is fitted with AC Schnitzer’s performance upgrade for the engine, which takes the power output of the B58 mill up to 400 PS and 540 Nm of torque.

With these newfound levels of power and the quad exhausts at the back, do you really need a BMW Z4 M?