The biggest criticism the BMW Concept 4 has received was around the oversized and imposing kidney grille. The new BMW 4 Series will feature an eccentric design which is a clear departure from the safe and conservative design of the previous generation.

The message is clear – BMW wants to further differentiate between their models while offering a polarizing design that could bring new customers to the brand.

The trend of large grilles is not new and has been seen across several automakers in the last decade. Yet, it’s still a tough pill to swallow for the BMW fans and owners. The final design of the upcoming BMW 4 Series is nearly 85 percent close to the concept car, but that has opened the door for several rendering artists to create their own version of the BMW Concept 4.

Seen below is a large gallery of rendered images showing the BMW Concept 4 with a downsized grille inherited from the BMW 8 Series family. Mike Maravilla goes even further and gives the BMW Concept 4 different color combinations, along with wheel options from HRE Wheels.

We’ve always said that design is subjective and we have no doubt that many BMW fans will love the smaller kidney grille. But that won’t stop the inevitable – the new BMW 4 Series and the upcoming BMW M3 and BMW M4 will all feature the larger grille.

And from what we’ve heard, the new kidney grille design fits best the more aggressive and dynamic design of the M cars, so there is hope that we will enter the new design era at BMW with some stunning cars.