BMW has big plans for the upcoming 7 Series range, codename G70. This new generation will move into the hybrid and electrified field with a wide range of products. We’ve already heard rumors on the V8 and V12 engines being dropped in the future and replaced with hybrid alternatives. Including a BMW M750Le model.

Today, we got a bit more info on the subject matter. The rumormill churns out that BMW is preparing its first M Performance model with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The so-called BMW M750Le will be one of the most powerful choices in the future range, combining a B58 3-liter straight six engine with an electric motor. The internal combustion engine will have more than 382 HP, the output of the current M40i models in the US. If the full codename is anything to go by (B58B30O2), chances are we’ll see 400 HP squeezed out of it.

Alongside it we’ll also get an electric motor which should take the combined power output up to over 550 HP in total and some 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque. The car will also have fifth-gen batteries installed, for longer electric range as well as a more efficient electric motor than what’s on the market today. According to our sources, BMW plans to offer this powertrain on both long wheelbase and short wheelbase models.

For those thinking 550 HP is out of their comfort zone, there could be also a BMW 745Le PHEV on sale. It will use the same electric motor and batteries but a less powerful version of the B58 engine, codenamed B58B30U2. This way, the BMW 745Le will have between 450 and 470 HP, plenty for any hybrid enthusiast out there.

As for ‘conventional’ models, the 740i and 730i models will live on, as well as a 735d version for diesel lovers. There three models will be mild-hybrids though, with small electric motors on-board to help out.

We’ll have more soon on the fully-electric 7 Series!