The strongest BMW 3 Series Touring comes neither from Munich or Garching. The new ALPINA B3 Touring arrives from the neighbors in Buchloe and with 4Ish 62 horsepower on tap, it’s one of the most powerful tourings on the market. For the world premiere at the 2019 IAA, the ALPINA B3 Touring G21 is one of the stars in Hall 11, which the BMW Group is sharing with other manufacturers for the first time in years.

The in-line six-cylinder engine of the new ALPINA B3 Touring is actually the S58 engine which will debut in the G80 BMW M3 next year. It’s a detuned unit with bespoke turbos and cooling making 462 horsepower. The maximum power is released between 5,000 and 7,000 rpm while the 700 Nm of torque is released between 3,000 and 4,250 Nm.

ALPINA’s B3 Touring is equipped with the xDrive four-wheel drive, has an electronically controlled locking differential on the rear axle and an adapted eight-speed automatic transmission developed together with ZF. The top speed of this brand new popping station: more than 300 km / h.

ALPINA has yet to report how fast the 100 km / h and 200 km / h are on the clock.


The car can of course be recognized by the rear spoiler and also by the the 20-inch ALPINA Classic wheels. The new wheels provide a weight reduction of 13.7 kilos compared to the standard wheels of the BMW M340i.


The ALPINA B3 Touring has the Comfort, Comfort +, Sport and Sport + modes. Under the car hangs a completely newly developed stainless steel exhaust system. ALPINA promises an average consumption of 11.1 l / 100 km.