The 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show is upon us. On Tuesday, September 10th, BMW will welcome the media representatives to their stand with a wide range of vehicles. Some of them have already been announced, such as the new BMW X6, the BMW X6 Vantablack or the BMW Vision Next, but there are a few others who are being kept secretly.

One of them we already unveiled – the BMW Concept 4 Series – which will debut on Tuesday morning and will take everyone by surprise with its bold surprise. The new concept will certainly be highly debated among BMW owners and it will set the stage for upcoming models.

There is also another surprise in store for us and that has to do with future mobility. Some of the German media has already hinted at that and we can say today with a high degree of certainty that we will learn more about BMW’s plans in hydrogen technology.

Just a few months ago, Forbes reported on BMW’s hydrogen plans which could revolve around an X5 model. The report mentioned that BMW plans on launching a test BMW X5 early in the next decade followed by another, more refined version in 2025.

BMW has been working on fuel-cell technology with Toyota for quite some time. The two automotive giants signed an agreement a long time ago and a lot of people forgot about it because tangible results haven’t made it out on the market so far. However, the Bavarian company did showcase a couple of prototypes working on hydrogen back in 2015, in France, during an event we were a part of as well.

Aside from the vehicles already listed above, the M and i brand will have their own products on display, but with no major surprises.

MINI will finally debut the Cooper Se, which is inline with the major electric unveils in Frankfurt, including the Porsche Taycan.

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