The BMW M2 CS is one of the most awaited models in recent years to come from Munich. There are plenty of reasons for that, from the fact that the BMW M2 is brilliant already to the rumored limited availability. Nevertheless, we’re still waiting for BMW to finalize testing and introduce the car to the world. The M2 CS was recently spotted doing a few more laps of the Nurburgring with one very happy driver behind the wheel.

We’d be pretty happy too to drive this thing, but we’ll have to wait until next year to do so. Before that, the M2 CS is slated to be unveiled this November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car’s production will kick off in March 2020. In turn, this will allow BMW to keep it on the assembly line for about a year, thus limiting the production to around a couple thousand units.

As for what makes the M2 CS special, we can list a couple of things. There will be some weight-saving measures taken to make sure the new car is lighter than ever. A carbon fiber bonnet, a carbon fiber roof with a new design, carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber rear diffuser and carbon fiber side mirrors are all part of the package. Then there’s the engine: the S55 unit will have 445 HP and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque, similar to the M3 Competition.

Chances are we’ll see both a manual and an automatic version while the interior gets a nice black alcantara/leather mix along with an Alcantara steering wheel option and some unique interior trims. You will also be able to get a Carbon Ceramic Brake kit while the exterior colors are limited to Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Hockenheim Silver and Misano Blue.