When the Rolls Royce Cullinan first debuted, it was designed to be a luxury car that could go anywhere. That was even the point behind its “Effortless, Everywhere” tagline; that it could provide effortless luxury without ever being limited to where it could go. So it’s much less about utility and more about eliminating limitations. But what if you wanted to add some utility to your uber-luxury SUV? This new render shows us what that might look like in the form of a Rolls Royce Cullinan pickup truck.

A pickup truck is sort of the antithesis of the Rolls Royce brand. A pickup is about utilitarianism; function over form at its purist. It’s design to haul crap, tow crap and get crap on it, looks be damned. A Rolls Royce of any sort is not designed for that. Instead, a Rolls Royce is supposed to eliminate anything and everything in the name of luxury. It’s why the Rolls Royce Cullinan can be optioned with a glass partition that isolates its rear occupants from the trunk, so that when the tailgate is opened they aren’t exposed to any elements. Can you imagine, actually feeling a bit of a chilly breeze on the back of your neck? Madness. 

Despite all of that, though, this render actually looks kind of cool. It’s a bit like Rolls Royce’s take on the Ford Raptor. It has some rugged fender flares and beefy tires but it also looks sporty and premium. So it’s not a work truck but more of a fun off-roading truck. It’s still ridiculous and entirely not in keeping with the brand’s values but it does so in a more fun, tongue-in-cheek sort of way than other renders that try and accurately depict what a Cullinan pickup might look like.

Let’s be very clear: this will never happen. There will never be a Rolls Royce Cullinan pickup. But it is fun to imagine a sort of desert-racing Cullinan with a jacked up ride height, Fox Racing shocks and beefy tires. It’d be like Britain’s luxury Ford Raptor. That’s hilarious.

[Source: Motor1]