MINI has been hard at work recently, trying to come up with ways of revitalizing sales. One big step in the right direction was the launch of the Cooper SE model. The EV already has 45,000 pre-orders and is on its way to becoming a best-seller. There’s another new car in the making right now though and that’s the MINI JCW GP. Clearly, the two are pretty different altogether but the JCW GP did spark a lot of interest as well.

The car is featuring unbelievable aero, with the largest wing ever mounted on a MINI dominating the atmosphere. There are wider wheel arches included in the mix too, along with other tweaks.

Up front, there’s a bit more action happening than on a standard JCW model while the wheels have a bespoke design.

Inside the cabin you’ll notice the rear seats have been taken out, just like it was the case on every other GP model from MINI before. There’s also a new, digital dash sitting in front of the driver. It looks good right now but we’ll have to check it functionality before giving it a thumbs up. The steering wheel is also slightly different from what we’ve seen on JCW models so far.

People will, of course, be interested in the tech side of things as well. A 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine will animate the MINI JCW GP, making 306 HP. The chassis will be modified to handle this much power which will only go to the front wheels. Expect a limited slip diff up front along with better brakes and a crazy exhaust too.

The car is bound to arrive next year. Chances are it will be a proper pocket rocket.