The new Toyota Supra has been getting a lot of praise since it was launched. Sure, there have been some people complaining about the fact that it may be ‘too much BMW’ instead of a pure Japanese creation, but it’s the BMW part that impresses the most in the end. Namely, the engine. The B58 3-liter straight six mill has been praised ever since it was launched, but now it is becoming a beloved mill in the JDM community as well.

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And this isn’t even an M-developed engine either. This is just a run of the mill unit used on a variety of cars, from standard 740i or 540i models to M Performance cars like the Z4 M40i or the X3 M40i. Yet, the B58 is impressive nonetheless, even when compared against more powerful, better engineered units, like the S55, for example. The video below shows a Supra being driven hard on the Nurburgring and meeting a BMW F80 M3 in the process.

The result is not great for the F80 M3 though, as the Supra didn’t seem to have a hard time overtaking it. However, even though the M3 has the edge in terms of power against the Toyota, with some 90 extra ponies at its disposal, I should mention that it looked like it had four occupants inside. My guess is this was a Nurburgring taxi M3 and thus had a lot more weight to carry than the rival coming up behind it.

Nonetheless, the Supra is definitely a fast car. Proof is the sub 8-minute length of the video posted on Youtube, which includes a long intro. Furthermore, it was all recorded during an open day at the Ring, which means there’s plenty of traffic you need to go by. Props to Toyota and BMW for putting together such a good car!