Initially set for 2025, the BMW electric offensive has been moved up by two years. According to the now outgoing CEO Harald Krueger, the Bavarians plan to launch 12 fully electric vehicles by 2023. Some of those vehicles have been known before – i4, iX3, iNext and MINI E – but others have been fairly unknown.

New trademark filings hint at additional models, but what’s even more interesting than that is the new naming convention. Each model is followed by a capital E letter which likely indicates a fully electric model, compared to the “e” naming used now on plug-in hybrids.

The number before the “E” is simply a scale to rank the models based on its battery pack capacity, starting with a 30E and all the way up to 60E. We do know that BMW will offer 60, 80,90 and 120 kWh batteries.

What’s even more interesting is the filing for a BMW M hybrid model, which is also not a huge surprise considering previous hints from the M division.

Here is the list of recent filings:

  • 30E
  • 35E
  • 40E
  • 45E
  • 50E
  • M50E
  • 60E
  • M60E

Next up for the BMW i Division is the iX3 model which will arrive in 2020. The US market is rumored to get the BMW iX3 xDrive75E with an sDrive configuration.

[Source: GermanCarForum]