Since the new G20 BMW 3 Series debuted, the Bavarians have been oddly silent about its two-door sibling. Really, the only spy photos we’ve seen of the next-gen 4 Series have been of the convertible version (pictured above). Which is a bit odd because you’d imagine the 4 Series Coupe would be the one to be tested first, thus the one to be caught testing first. No matter, though, as some spy photos of the 4er Coupe have just surfaced. (We don’t own them but check them out at Car Scoops]

In these new spy photos, the upcoming BMW 4 Series Coupe is seen on a car carrier wearing very heavy camouflage. Due to the thick camo wrap, we can’t make out many details of the next-gen 4er but we can see its silhouette.

Satin Blue BMW 4 Series Coupe

Current BMW 4 Series Coupe

Just judging from these admittedly tricky shots, which show the car on a truck with a lot of stuff in the way, it looks quite good. It seems to be the right size and its shape is actually reminiscent of the BMW 8 Series Coupe. That’s no bad thing, as the 8er is a gorgeous car. Though, while listening to The Smoking Tire Podcast I heard Matt Farah say that the 8 Series has a similar roofline to the Mustang and I can’t unsee it not. It’s no biggie, though, as both cars are very good looking.

Under the hood, the new 4 Series will get the same engine options as the 3 Series; so a 430i and M440i in America.

This next-gen 4 Series should be an excellent car, if the 3 Series is anything to go by. Its new chassis is far superior to the current car’s, its steering is better and its engines are better. So we’re excited about the next-gen 4er and we can’t wait to see what it looks like in the flesh.

[Source: Car Scoops]