We find it odd that we’ve seen so little of the BMW 4 Series so far. Typically, spy photos of cars start trickling our long before they actually debut to the public, giving us hints of what they might look like. Not so much with the 4 Series, though. What’s even odder is that the only spy photos of the 4 Series that we’ve seen have all been of the Convertible and not the Coupe. We’re not complaining, it’s just odd. In some new spy photo, the 4 Series Convertible gets caught with its roof down. (We don’t own the new photo, so see it here)

While there aren’t a ton of photos of the 4 Series topless, this new one actually can tell us quite a bit. For starters, it looks good with its top down. It’s smooth and sleek in profile, as it looks low and long. It also has a little ducktail spoiler built into its rear decklid, similar to that of the 8 Series. We’ve seen that before, though. What’s new about this spy photos is what’s inside the car: people.

In this spy photo, we can see three passengers inside the car. Obviously, two are in the front seats, with one sitting behind the front passenger. What’s interesting about that is how much room the rear passengers seems to have. The old 4 Series was a bit too cramped for rear passengers, even in the Convertible. It seems as if BMW might be making this next-gen 4 Series a bit longer and a bit more GT-like than the car it replaces. We’ve long speculated that the next-gen 4 Series would be more GT-like, more of a sporty cruiser than a proper sports car. This photo sort of reinforces that notion.

While a lot of fans might be upset at that chance, it’s likely a smart move. Both of its main competitors; the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe/Cabriolet and Audi A5 Coupe/Cabriolet; are also more sporty top-down cruisers. So it puts the 4 Series more in line with its competition and more poised to steal sales away. If you want something sporty, go for the 2 Series. Or at least that’s how it seems BMW feels.

[Source: Motor1]