Our friends at Evolve Automotive do some really great work with BMW Group products. We’ve seen them not only tune and modify BMWs and MINIs but also develop products for them as well, such as the Eventuri brand of intakes. Now, though, Evolve is turning their attention to a car from a different brand but one that’s still sort of a BMW — the Toyota Supra.

This new video from Evolve is of a test drive at the Supra press launch. So we don’t actually get to see Evolve tune one. However, the Supra is going to be the company’s next project car. So it’s interesting to see what Evolve has to say.

Under that wild body work, the Toyota Supra is essentially a BMW Z4 M40i. The two cars share the same chassis, engine, gearbox and technology. However, as we recently learned in Carwow’s most recent comparison test, the two cars performance very differently. So when Toyota said it tuned the car to feel different than the Z4, it wasn’t kidding.

Still, there’s a lot of BMW that shows through. For instance, the engine sound is very BMW-like, as it still sounds like a B58 engine. It also has a lot of BMW tech on the inside, such as the iDrive screen and Head-Up Display. However, there’s just enough Toyota on the inside to make it feel different and unique. Thankfully, BMW’s premium materials make their way into the cabin as well. While I like Toyota as a brand, some of its interior materials are a bit lacking in most of its cars.

We’re excited to see what Evolve Automotive has in store for a Supra project car. With the tech and ability to already tune BMWs and the B58 engine, it’s likely we’ll see some interesting work coming from Evolve, regarding the Supra, quite soon.